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Celebrating A Lifetime in a Day

Every life is unique and should be celebrated in a manner that best reflects the history, personality and accomplishments of your loved one. Think of all the things that should be remembered... the work and play, the interests, and above all, the people who were a part of it. The NARP network of Professional Remembrance Planners provide extraordinary, personalized opportunities to help you create a one-of-a-kind final celebration. We're accomplished listeners and are able to transform your ideas and thoughts into a perfectly themed and executed remembrance gathering designed expressly for your family. The remembrance of the heart, spirit and soul of your loved one is a treasure which only you and your family can truly know and honor.

We're Event Specialists

NARP has selected, vetted and provided event planning training for funeral directors who have demonstrated that they have the desire, the ability and the resources to help families tell their loved one's life story. This may also include creating a tribute video or collage board, serving their favorite food or using special music..


A Final Celebration

We encourage you to let your imagination flow when you are honoring the wonderful life of a loved one. Whether you desire a steel drum band, a venue that has special meaning; like a bowling alley or golf course, a balloon or butterfly release or a personalized theme that captures the essence of your loved one, we can make it happen!


The NHPCO standards document recognizes the significant role of the Professional Remembrance Planner in collaborating with the hospice team before, at the time, and after a death. When you consider the philosophy of hospice and funeral service, it is clear why the continuum of care provided by our Professional Remembrance Planners is a "natural extension" of hospice care. Members of NARP appreciate the trust that families and hospice workers place in us and we constantly strive to be deserving of that trust.